News from home and abroad

News from home and abroad


Car transporter blaze chaos
A car transporter carrying six cars caused traffic chaos on the M62 near Bradford, West Yorkshire, recently, when it caught fire onthe westbound carriageway. Fire crews from Bradford, Odsal, Cleckheaton and Rastrick were called out to deal with the blaze which took place between junctions 25, Brighouse, and 26, Chain Bar. Police officers also attended the scene. Several of the cars were severely damaged.

Done a job to be proud of? Then share it with your friends!
If you have undertaken a vehicle recovery job that you are proud of, please share it with your fellow readers. Send us some images (of reasonable resolution please, so they’ll be of magazine quality) and a few words describing what had gone wrong for the casualty vehicle/s and how you were able to put the situation right. You can email these to please include your contact details, including phone number.

Volvo will use the public as test pilots
It’s reported in the press that Volvo intends to undertake trials of driverless cars in London, beginning during 2017. The cars will be driven (or not!) by members of the public, who will be trialling the vehicles. These will be special adapted versions of Volvo XC90s.

EU Think Tank wants new driving test for non-drivers
Both drivers and cars should have to pass a new driving test to be able to drive automatic cars, says an EU think tank. Autonomous cars and their drivers should have to pass a new driving test before being allowed on the roads, says according to an influential EU think-tank, the European Transport Safety Council. The new test could include how to regain control of a vehicle in an emergency.

Tow truck driver returns fire
Fort Worth Police report a tow truck driver was shot at at 11:00 p.m. on April 2. He returned fire, hitting a woman in the process. The incident occurred outside a business in the 1300 block of East Rosedale Street, Forth Worth. He was removing cars parked on private property when a man with a woman who owned one of the vehicles began shooting at him. Officers confirm they arrested “a person of interest” on several outstanding warrants. The Shooting victims survived. The investigation continues.

Sheriff’s deputy in trouble
An off-duty Florida sheriff’s deputy was outraged when she saw her illegally parked vehicle was being removed. So outraged, she threatened the tow truck driver with a gun whilst showing her badge. Tracy Weiss was blocking a driveway at a retirement community, which has a strict tow away policy as many residents are disabled. Weiss used another vehicle to drive the wrong way down a road to block him. She had to pay $125 to retrieve her vehicle. This included a premium rate as the charge was doubled as she argued with the driver.