Fire engine ‘wrecked’ by rising bollards

Fire engine ‘wrecked’ by rising bollards

Library image of automatic rising bollard

Officials in Manchester have launched an investigation after a fire engine became another vehicle to hit Manchester’s controversial rising bollards.

The £330,000 fire engine (which carries a special hydraulic platform) became stuck fast on the bollards as it, and a preceding fire engine were undertaking safety checks in Manchester city centre.

It’s possible the fire engine may not be repairable after the crash. If it is repairable there could be a substantial four figure cost and it would be off the road for some considerable time.

It had to be removed from the bollards by a tow truck which towed it to the fire station.

The vehicle is one of only six of its type in the Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

The first fire engine had successfully traversed the bollards, but when the following fire engine attempted to pass over it, the bollard rose, trapping the fire engine.

It seems possible that the bollard was operating out if its time as it is only intended to operate from 7am until 11am and the incident occurred after 11am at 11.02am.

Both fire engines, from Manchester Central Station, are equipped with a key which should automatically lower the bollards.