Air hammer needle scaler attachment from Laser Tools

Air hammer needle scaler attachment from Laser Tools


An extremely useful attachment for your trusty air hammer or air chisel,

this needle scaler (part number 6413) is excellent for removing weld spatter, rust, paint, underseal and other debris from many different surfaces.

When coupled to a powerful air hammer (such as the Laser 6031), the needle scaler makes light work of the toughest jobs and is suitable for use on heavier work such as chassis rails and box sections, its useful narrow profile making it ideal for hard to reach areas. It is 230mm long and features 19 3mm x 180mm needles. Spare parts are available: part no 6442 (spring) and part no 6441 (pack of 19 spare needles).

This is a professional workshop tool designed for professional results and is available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, typically priced at £45.72 + VAT, but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

These tools are ideal for your fixed workshop or, indeed, for your mobile workshop when you looking at performing roadside repairs.

(EDITOR: If you supply workshop or mobile tools, please email to ensure your product is covered in the next issue.)