A new tool for motorcycle transporters

A new tool for motorcycle transporters


Simple ideas are always the best and this new motorcycle front brake holding tool (part number 6537) is an ingenious little gadget that will come in very handy time and again.

It is designed to hold the front brake on to prevent the wheel turning when loading the bike onto a rear stand.

Fitted in a matter of seconds, the rubber sleeve is simply slid over the brake lever and then the plastic hook is placed over the handle.

Also useful to prevent the bike sliding off stands when performing maintenance and particularly useful during transportation. (EDITOR: So ideal for recovery operators who offer motorcycle recovery services.)

Suitable for all motorcycles and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

Very good value at just £5.76 (including VAT), you’ll wonder how you did without it!

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk